What is a good way to find a quality game?

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There are many formulas and formats on how to find a good game. May read pre-release articles and reviews in magazines while others simply watch teaser trailers. There are loads of misinformation about game quality but I am here to help you find an amazing game that is tailored to your preference. Now I present to you the ultimate guide to help you find a quality game.

Among the several sources of information about the quality of a game, the most resourceful is the actual opinion of the consumer. Consumer reviews are a way for consumers to share their experience with a product or service. Consumer reviews are typically the most accurate sources to find a game that is generally of good quality. I find that if the reviews are bad the product will typically reflect that, and if the product is good, typically the consumer reviews will reflect that as well. You can find reviews for any game on the market on Amazon in their reviews section of the product description as well as on YouTube, which typically will include gameplay and an audio or video recorded review. Find reliable consumer reviews is the first step in the guide to find an enjoyable game.

Consumer reviews will tell you whether the game is good or bad in general, however, they do not tell you whether you will enjoy the game or not. Consider making a list of all the games you enjoyed playing and then make a separate list of all the things those games have in common. Finally, record the genres of the games you enjoy playing the most. This step will define what a quality game is for you and work as a flexible rubric on your quest to find a game tailored to your interests.

Once you have found your preferred source of consumer reviews and have created your rubric, you can delve into more complex ways to find a good game and identify whether it fits your interests. One very useful way I have found to identify quality games that fit my interests is to take a look at the developers who made your favorite games. This is especially useful if you subscribe to a select few genres of games. For example, I am a fan of DICE, the developer of my favorite first-person shooter, Battlefield, and so when I see a first-person shooter developed by DICE, I am compelled to buy it based on the experience I have with that brand.

Another more complex way to find a great game would be to consider the components of the games that you most enjoyed. If you prefer a long campaign or story mode with little to no multiplayer implementation, you would probably gravitate toward Bethesda, who have mastered the art of the single-player story mode, as opposed to Bungie or Infinity Ward, who both implement a story mode but mainly emphasize the multiplayer features of the majority of their games. This method requires a bit more effort but will provide far better results when paired with the previously mentioned steps as opposed to using the previously mentioned steps as stand-alone ways to find a game of good quality. These steps are not all necessities to find a quality game, but the more information you have at your disposal, the higher your chances are for finding a quality game that fits the experience you are looking for.

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