Why should I purchase the Kinect for the Xbox 360 over Nintendo's Wii?

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The simple fact of the matter comes down to whether or not you enjoy Nintendo's choice of games or the 360's. Neither system has perfected the motion capture capabilities which Kinect for the Xbox and Nintendo's Wii feature. Though Xbox is just stepping into the market, both the Wii and the Kinect have displayed the same levels of performance. Really, at this point of development, no system is superior to the other as far as this new technology is considered. So which should you buy?

It's no lie, the 360 has always been able to boast the beauty and realism of it's graphics over the Wii's more cartoonish feel and appearance. Which is not to say that the Wii is incapable of matching Xbox on the matter, the truth rather is that the Xbox has and always will boast a number of titles focused on this genre. That is to say, games which showcase superiority in graphics, violence, and gameplay. Nintendo may boast better storytelling from time to time and has succeeded in licensing a number of franchises (such as Sonic, Mario, and the Legend of Zelda games) which may have you considering how important your fandom is.

The point of all of this is...it really doesn't matter. Kinect for the Xbox and the Wii for Nintendo are relatively new systems still in the process of growing to their full potential. As such you should purchase the system you'll find yourself using more outside of the use of the Wii or the Kinect. Motion capture is still a fluctuating market, I think it's still too soon to regard one system beyond the other as far as straight value is concerned. So what should you consider when looking to make your purchase?

The Wii is much cheaper and has been on the market for longer, while the 360 (even with it's package deal) will run you about 50 to a 100 bucks more to get the Kinect. So consider which system you have or may enjoy more, and more importantly, the GAMES that you would want to be able to play. More and more, games are releasing exclusively for their own systems, seeing a diminished number of the cross-platform games of yesteryear.

Don't forget that the Xbox however, has an unmatched online service. The Wii is capable of going online but it's not nearly as fun or capable as it's rival, Xbox Live. At the same time, Xbox has a nasty habit of failing to meet Nintendo's standards as far as a well-built product goes. They've been known to rush their merchandise leading to costly repairs and a few hours of unnecessary frustration.

So, to boilerplate this down for you, allow me to offer you two choices....Do you like to play games with your friends and family, in one room all together, that are family oriented? Or do you prefer being able to play with anyone online, with a wider variety of PG to R rated games? The choice is yours to make, but I'd offer my voice for the Kinect for the Xbox 360.

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