What animals are in the Pinartic region of Viva Pinata?

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If you have been playing Trouble in Paradise for a little bit and you are comfortable in your main garden then this is the place for you. By now you may have discovered that there are signs all around the outside of your garden. One of these signs will take you to the Pinartic region and that is what this article will cover.

Some species in this great game can only be found in the Pinartic region. So how do you get these species into your main garden? Well you trap them of course. I highly suggest before going anywhere though that you build a fence in your garden. This can be done by accessing the menu going to costolots and picking a fence. *Note* in order to keep a flying pinata inside a fence or out of a fence you will need the bird fence, with any other type of fence your flying pinatas are free to come and go as they please.

Ok so now you have your fence picked out decide how large you want it, for one animal it does not need to be too large unless your trapping a huge animal such as the Flapyak pinata. Do not forget to place the proper gate with the fence.

Now that you have somewhere to put the pinata that you will be trapping lets take a trip. Find the sign that will take you to the Pinartic region, again this sign is located close to the outside perimeter of your garden. Click yes that you would like to follow the signpost and you are on your way.

In the beginning you may not see the more rare creatures that call the Pinartic home. More will become available to you as you progress in the game. Now that we are here you need to decide which animal you want to try to make a resident in your garden. Lets just say you choose the Pengum pinata for example. Hover over the pinata and hit Y for information. It will tell you what you need to place in a trap for that particular pinata. Now that you know that information lets get the rest of those pinatas out of there. Hover over every animal that is not the Pengum pinata and scare it away. Now access your menu and go see Langston. He will sell you a trap.

There are three different traps in the game. The one you will start off with is the home edition trap. Next will be the business edition followed by the ultimate edition. Select the trap that you will be using. *Note* for larger pinatas you will want to use the better traps. Place the trap inside the area close to the Pengum, or whatever pinata your trying to trap. Next access the bait bag by selecting X and moving the arrow over to the bait bag. Now for the Pengum you will use a chili and since that the pinata that I am using for this example you would select the chili from the bait bag. Make sure you are over the trap that you have laid down and then select buy and bait. Now you get to sit back and wait.

Your pinata will eventually go onto the trap and eat the bait. Don't get too excited this does not mean that you have that pinata trapped yet. If the trap works then you will see the sides of the trap close up. If the trap does not work you will see a little box appear above the head of the pinata and it will run away and you have to start all over. *Note* once you have trapped a pinata click on the box to send it. You will find your trapped pinata at the post office.

Now onto the fun part. There are certain species that can only be found in the Pinartic, and there are special variants of species in the Pinartic. Both are fun and can be rewarding for you garden. The following species can only be found in the Pinartic region: Pengum, Robean, Flapyak, Polollybear, Moojoo, and the awesome Jeli. Now the Pinartic also has pinatas that can be found in your regular garden but there are some unique color characteristics when you catch them in a different region. The following pinatas are of this sort: Bunnycomb, Pretztail, Hootyfruity, Juicygoose, Tigermisu.

Enjoy the different regions in this outstanding family game, and happy hunting.

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