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Is Call of Duty: Black Ops really that great? If you are playing any Call of Duty game online right now you are probably hearing this question at least once a day. With the same question being asked so often and honestly after almost a year of availability you think there would be a clear cut answer. Well, here is one more answer and hopefully it helps you.

One needs to start by looking at the game itself. Call of Duty: Black Ops is a Vietnam era war game following a soldier by the name of Alex Mason. The gameplay is pieced together rather nicely by flashbacks (missions) and intermissions (interrogations). Alex has awoken to find himself strapped to a chair and surrounded by monitors. With no clue to where he is, he is bombarded by questions about something he remembers nothing about.

The overall effect is one that keeps the players blood running hot. The obvious mental stress your character is under is almost palpable as he is bombarded by endless questions as to where the "numbers station" is, and just as the release of a mental dam gives way, allowing more information to flow from Alex's mind, the player is thrown into a wartime flash back. The flashbacks are very gritty, the characters interact in a believable way and the language is what you expect to hear when people are being shot all around you. The game in its entirety is a big divergence from the direction of its "Forerunner" COD: Modern Warfare.

These games are both from the COD family but the similarities end there, really. After all why wouldn't they? The games come from different design and production teams, deal with different eras, and have completely different story lines, but this is the biggest comparison that you will find as you look at reviews and so forth online. So to this fact it would almost be a dereliction of duty to not at least address the comparison.

So join me as we compare apples and oranges. The weapons of MODERN warfare that so many players come to love are not present in Black Ops. Why, you ask? Simple. Over 40 years of war advancement separate the two represented eras. Do credits must in fact be given to the Black Ops Team based on the fact they chose to ignore the "dreams" that many had of running around with modern weapons in Vietnam. The online play is very different also, kill streaks have changed and the overall maps are different, not just in look as is a given, but the maps on Black Ops tend to be smaller and more confined allowing for quicker and more vicious gameplay.

A majority of maps in MW2 tend to stretch a bit which allows for both run and gun and sniping, with a draw back if you have a lot of "rage quitters" and the teams suddenly shrink in size. The ability and weapons unlocks are done though specific contracts that allow you to earn money and buy only the ones you want. This allows you to make sure your soldier is fit to you, and stands in stark contrast to MW2's system of "number of kills with weapons".

In reality, both games stand quite well for their targeted audience, and most comparisons between the two titles are really just an opportunity for someone to vent their anger that either it didn’t fall into step with MW2 or that it took so long for another 'era based' war game to come out of the COD line. Having addressed the online communities need to compare these two games we will get on with this and hit the nitty gritty of what you came to find out.

In the end, Call of Duty: Black Ops is a very well and executed example of era-based war games. It continues COD's legacy of putting forth high quality First person shooters and the bonuses are amazing. Yes, by bonuses I mean the Zombie games, which you will need to simply experience to understand. Is the game for you seem to be the only question left and my answer would be simple. If you love FPS games with hard driving, well thought out story lines, then yes.

On the flip side, if you are playing COD: MW2 and just can't believe anything could beat the online play of it (as many die hard people do) then I say it’s still very likely for you based on the story, but you might rent it before buying to make your own decision.

PERSONAL RATINGS: Over all-4/5, Storyline-5/5, Graphics-5/5, Control response-4/5, online play-4/5.

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