How to Fix an Xbox 360 Update Error

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Keeping your Xbox 360 console up to date is critical in making sure you can play the latest games and downloadable content. While most Xbox users should have their updates automatically applied when they insert an applicable game or log into their console, some may experience issues with online updating and will need to use an alternate method to apply the update. If you're receiving and Xbox 360 update error, you can manually upload the update by downloading to your computer and using some third-party media to transfer it over to your Xbox. This process is fairly straightforward and should only take a few minutes.

You'll need:

* USB flash drive

* Blank CD-R

* CD/DVD burner

Install with a USB Flash Drive

1. Connect your USB flash drive to your PC.

2. Navigate to the Xbox Live system update download in your Internet browser by clicking the "Download System Updates" link in "Resources."

3. Click "Save" to download the update to your computer. Save it to your desktop to make it easier to find later.

4. Unzip the file by double-clicking it, and copy the contents of the file to your USB flash drive.

5. Unplug the USB drive from your computer and connect it to the Xbox 360 console.

6. Restart the Xbox 360 to apply the update.

Install from a CD

1. Browse to the Xbox Live system download page by following the "Download System Updates" link in Resources.

2. Save the file to the desktop.

3. Insert a blank CD-R into your computer's

4. Unzip the downloaded update file by double-clicking the folder. Copy the contents of the folder to the CD drive (you can do so by dragging the folders to the disc in "My Computer") and burn the files to your disc.

5. Remove the disc from your computer and insert it into the Xbox 360 console.

6. Restart the Xbox 360 console and the update will be applied automatically.

If this solution does not resolve your Xbox 360 update error, you will need to take the unit in for service. Check out Microsoft's Xbox support page for full information on where and how you can get your Xbox fixed by the pros. In most cases, the Xbox will go to one of Microsofts certified repair centers, where technicians will try and figure out what the problem is.

If your Xbox is experiencing a red ring error and refuses to load games, it must be serviced by a Microsoft professional. If it is still under warranty, it may be a good idea to return it to the store from which it was purchased for a refund, as going through the repair process will take several weeks and may result in you having to replace the console regardless. Keep your receipt in a place you can find it!

Never attempt to manually modify or adjust your Xbox 360's internal hardware. Not only will this void the manufacturer's warranty, you may run the risk of permanently damaging your system.

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